Hanjuro Tamura

The sixteenth owner

Tamura Shuzojo brews its sake carefully, over time, rather than through mass production. Each day, we challenge ourselves to improve the quality of all our sake labels as we brew the high-quality sake that only Tamura Shuzojo could produce, infused with our unique essence. Tamura Shuzoujou believes that delicious sake enriches our daily lifestyles and adds color to our lives. We welcome you to enjoy our offerings.

Hanjuro Tamura



According to a document from the late 17th century, the masters of Tamura Shuzojo, the Tamura family, was one of the founders of what is now the city of Fussa. Each head of the family has taken the name Hanjuro, Jubei, or Bunzaemon. During the Edo period, the family served as village headmen, and began brewing sake in 1822. The sake name, “Kasen,” comes from the high-quality, medium-firm water, perfect for sake, that bubbled out of the well dug on the brewery grounds. The family creed is “Brew with Care, Sell with Care.”

Founder: Kanjiro Tamura

Founder: Kanjiro Tamura

Well to get water to use for brewing sake.

The Well

-As the home brewery of 24 breweries-

Tamura Shuzojo grew into the home brewery of a total of 24 breweries. However, we still abide by our creed, shunning mass production to focus on careful production.

We dismantled our home brewery system in 1903 as society changed during the Meiji period. We have managed our business wisely, without loss, ever since our founding.

At the time accounting data.

Ledger from the period

-Sake-making in recent years-

In 1973, we launched Maboroshi-no-sake Kasen, one of our most famous labels. By selling sake that would normally be classified as the higher-taxed Grade One as the lower-taxed Grade Two instead, it was cheaper to purchase, and thus became a great hit.

In 2008, the current head of family succeeded to his post. The head is developing a range of sakes that suit the times, pouring his soul into making Tamura Shuzoujou more appealing. “Tamura,” taken from the name of our head of the family, is a typical example.



View of the brewery

We make sake in the rich natural environment of western Metropolitan Tokyo. Quality sake is born from a quality environment.

The brewery in springThe brewery in spring
Sake brewerySake brewery
Tamagawa CanalTamagawa Canal
Sake brewerySake brewery
Ancient zelkovaAncient zelkova
Water millWater mill